LIRC iMON Patches

Fr 10. Apr 23:15:43 CEST 2009

Q: What is LIRC?
A: LIRC is an acronym for Linux Infrared Remote Control.
Quoting from the LIRC homepage:
LIRC is a package that allows you to decode and send infra-red signals of many (but not all) commonly used remote controls.
Q: What is iMON?
A: iMON is a USB IR/VFD bundle produced by SoundGraph and used in several Home Theater PC (HTPC) cases from e.g. SilverStone, Ahanix, Uneeds and others.
Q: ...and Patches??
A: Starting with version 0.71 the LIRC package contains drivers for the iMON VF-Display and IR remote control created by Venky Raju (venky's website).
Here you can find driver patches supporting recent kernels and providing better support for the iMON PAD remote control that comes bundled with newer versions of the iMON IR/VFD package.

iMON pad2keys patch

iMON PAD remote controller The iMON PAD remote controller features a "PAD Controller", a pressure sensitive mouse cursor control. Nice for MythTV, MCE and other graphical HTPC desktop environments but not really usefull to control the Linux VDRs OSD.

This patch generates Up-, Down-, Left- and Right-key events for the PAD Controller.

Note that this patch is based on a "betterkeys" mouse-and-keys patch that was originally posted by some user in venky's forum. The mouse device was completely useless for me and created only unnecessary kernel dependencies, so I've removed the mouse input device support, cleaned the patch up, applied some fixes and made all 58 keys of the remote controller available for use with VDR.

I do not claim any copyright for this patch. The original driver is GPL'ed and so is this patch.


After nearly three years the patch has finally been added to lirc cvs. Thanks to Jarod!

Refactored for use with lirc-0.8.5pre2.
lirc-0.8.5pre2 brings major additions to the imon driver! 2009-02-24
Updated patch for lirc-0.8.4a, sorry for the delay: 2008-05-12
Updated patch for lirc 0.8.3: 2007-10-14
Updated/changed patch for lirc 0.8.3pre1:

LIRC CVS snapshot:
Download lirc-0.8.5_pre2-imon-ffdc-pad2keys.patch against lirc-0.8.5pre2.

LIRC stable:
Download old lirc-0.8.4a-imon-pad2keys.patch against lirc-0.8.4a.

Use right button, "Save Link As..." and apply the patch as usual:

                  #> tar xvjf lirc-0.8.4a.tar.bz2
                  #> cd lirc-0.8.4a
                  #> patch -p1 < ../lirc-0.8.4a-imon-pad2keys.patch


Example VDR remote.conf (VDR 1.4.0 & bigpatch).

logitech harmony 885 Shiny new logitech harmony 885 - some keys of my iMON PAD controller gave up after one and a half year, but thankfully this one works like a charm using Computer > Media Center PC > Silverstone > LC-14M setting with the VFD device (USB-ID 15c2:ffdc) built into my vdr's case.